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Tap the Key and Unlock the Potential
With early learning stimulation, every healthy child born has the potential to be a baby genius and beyond – to be given the mental stimulation to enjoy, not just as a baby but rather, a lifelong educational advancement in learning that will remain with a child throughout life. Have you ever heard a parent talk about their child’s "weak" and "strong" subjects in school? Contrary to popular belief, what determines intelligence is not simply genetics and in no way does a child’s educational career have to be a wait-and-see outcome. Parents do have more control within their grasp over the life-long success of their children if acted upon early enough.
Early learning development is not just early learning education and it is more than simply teaching babies facts and figures. Yes, a baby does have the ability to learn much more than given credit for and the whole concept of baby learning can go well beyond what is generally believed, but it is actually the early stimulation to the different areas of the brain that will provide an overall learning advancement a baby will continue to access reflexively and unconsciously through life – well beyond just books and tests. Advance education by stimulating the mind.
FACT: Studies show brain development is greatest from infancy with the first year of life accounting for the fastest year of learning.
Parent Education and Preparation :

A parent is a child's first comforter, nurturer and most importantly, teacher.

A question new parents or parents-to-be frequently ask themselves is "will I be a good parent"? A natural response and sometimes new fear that can easily begin even before a new baby arrives.

However, parents can prevail with preparation by actually learning how to teach a baby, how a baby learns and how to provide a stimulating early education. Doing so truly does give a child every chance for success in life. The learning opportunities are boundless.

To help on the new journey of discovering parenthood, babies are born with the remarkable gift of communication from the beginning. Yes, it's also known as crying and it may sound like noise, however, when a baby is cold, scared, hungry or uncomfortable, a baby will "tell" you. In turn, parents react accordingly to comfort. In a way, a baby's cry is nature's way of helping us know when to act.

The role of nurturer tends to be a bit more complex. Again, parents are gifted with a natural desire to raise healthy and strong children. It's not uncommon for new parents to make a plan of action to achieve optimal health for our little ones whether it's studying different infant formulas or researching the pros and cons of breastfeeding. Quite often though, parents underestimate a new baby's capacity to learn and naturally, overlook a plan of educational action or we attempt to enact one later in life missing out on the most vital time period. Keep in mind, babies are born ready to learn.

Unlike crying, this is where parents do not receive an advance clue from nature and the roles of nurturer and teacher blend together. Parents have to take the initiative to optimize a child's full potential.

Nurturing not just a baby’s body but mind from the very start will forever empower and stimulate a child's natural building blocks of learning for a lasting and rich educational future. Take the first step here, and learn about the crucial development that occurs during Pregnancy.
Unlock your child's genius!
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